Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Should I attempt living on light?


I heard of this book named "Living on Light" from an email spam. The author has not eaten for 5 years because she lives on light instead of food. Perhaps i should try it in my life?

This sounds good to me, like maybe to advance my modeling potential wait-loss. Do you think I will lose wait or will i die?

I guess Jasmuheen can still do sign language as like it appears on the cover even though she does not eat. I think if she was dying she would not do sign language. That is just a thought I had. which is very trustworthy of a site says:

“The Australian author Jasmuheen has not eaten any food for 5 years…People facilitating energy-work have stated, more clarity comes with this process and enhances their work. The energy level gets much higher because there is no waste of energy from digestion. Most people report, they reqire much less sleep.
There are so many benefits to be free from the addiction of food, personal and also from a global view and this can become a revolutionary form of nourishment for the new millennium. If someone has gone through the process and can maintaining non-eating, they can choose to eat for pleasure.”

When I stop eating I think mostly I'll miss my favorite to eat: donuts+whipped cream. I always saved that delicasy for special ocasions like for example when my cat died!!!

Update: I did not see the project runway final, do not tell me who wins the end ok. My neighbors have some selfishness I think. Sometimes it is scary when you're neighbors get mad when you watch your tv show through their window. If i saw someone watching a fav tv show through my window I would not get angry and threaten some police action.

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malia :) said...

oh yes from recent study sign language is still able to be performed when submitting yourself to death. i say do it! after all, what've you got to lose?