Saturday, April 3, 2010


My dreams have been spit on and stomped. I went to Joe Casablanca Agency today to get my prepaid headshots pictures taken (and by prepaid I mean already gave them my money) and it was aparrent that it was not what it was pretending to be like. I arrived to find only an empty warehouse-empty like my heart. They took my money and my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst is the fact that my father will have to work now extra hours at the meat packing plant to replace the extensively large amounts of money that i borrowed without his knowledge :(

A Haiku:

Crush-ed my dreams are

Joe Casablanca ate them

devoured like cake


Sandra Katatoes said...

This Haiku brought tears to my eyes. My heart is aching for you and I could spit at Joe Casablanca. He is a mean and bad bad man.

Margaret said...

:( I'm so sorry that it fell through for you!
But there's always next time, so don't worry!
love your blog all the same :)
stop by some time xx

Lucia.Q said...