Saturday, March 27, 2010


Tuxedo Warehouse dress, Target necklaces headband, Forever 21 diamond earrings, eclectic valuable necklaces

Career day on Friday at my school=xtreme success!!!!! My uniq outfit (pictured above) brought me to the front of the crowd located at the Joe Casablanca modeling agency booth. I caught the eye of the fashion agent at the booth and I just got a call from Joe Casablanca himself today!!!!!!!! Its aparent that i have a gift that i was born with. i knew my big break would happen eventualy and i think this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is aparent that i am going to be a popstar. Modeling will present a unique oppurtunitty for me to share my various unique culture abilities and bone structure to be shared with everyone!!!!!!

I will be similiar with Karli Kloss slightly. I have been spending various amounts of times on my walk-usually in the hours category. It is such as hers but with an original spin.

yes i did run into the wall a bit at end but i am not injured, i need maybe a few hours more practice?


malia :) said...

My favourite part I think was when you were walking and you flashed back to the same spot you were in before. Maybe it happened 50 times, I don't know, I was just so stunned I went blind. It was so amazing I couldn't believe my eyes.

~Fleur♥ said...

love your necklaces !

Fleur, and thanx for commenting